GJEPC promotes benefits of diamond traceability

The Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council promoted the benefits of traceability technology across the diamond pipeline at a recent webinar with Israel’s Sarine Group. 

Diamond provenance is becoming increasingly important to the Indian consumer according to the GJEPC – Diamond Producers Association- Facebook

On May 24, the GJEPC held a webinar on ‘Traceability Value in the Natural Diamond Ecosystem’ and encouraged Indian diamond businesses to respond to the growing consumer demand for more ethical jewellery by pursuing and communicating a traceable diamond supply chain. “Traceability shows the good that diamonds bring to communities in mining communities in Africa and Russia and in manufacturing centres like India,” said the GJEPC on its website. “It makes it possible to bring these stories to the consumer.”
GJEPC chairman Colin Shah and Sarine CEO David Block spoke with GJEPC regional chairman Dinesh Navadiya and executive director Sabyasachi Ray about the the growing importance of traceability in diamonds and how to harness technology to show consumers the provenance of the diamond they are buying and the entire journey from mine to store.

As Sarine Diamond Journey technology tracks the diamond’s entire journey from mine to jeweller without human involvement, it will enable diamond businesses to increase consumer trust, according to Block. Speakers told diamond businesses that blockchain is part of the traceability solution but is not the core essence of it and encouraged them to take further steps to track and communicate their diamonds’ provenance. 

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