15 Ways to Solve Common Household Problems With Duct Tape

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You can often resell your college textbooks, and the better shape they are in, the more money back you’ll get. Some book covers cost a fair chunk of change, from $13 to $200, but most of us would find it pretty silly to spend much on a book cover when you can make one for the cost of one roll of duct tape.

Before you begin, measure the book’s length and width. Use a surface you can easily remove the tape from, whether it’s a crafting table or plastic folding table—just make sure you can put down a bunch of tape and easily peel it off. Lay down strips of duct tape overlapping just a bit, so you make a full sheet. Peel up the sheet and repeat laying strips over the sticky side of your sheet. You now have the base of the jacket.

Then fit it over the book to measure and cut the excess. Fold the sheet over the book to form the book jacket. Tape down the flaps so the book can fit in like a glove. Use stylish duct tape to make the cover your own. See Wiki How’s step-by-step guide for some visuals.

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