From plasma therapy to Hydroxychloroquine, a list of all COVID treatment therapies which were discontinued

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Ivermectin, a popular antiparasitic drug was part of the COVID treatment kit until a while ago. However, the early use of the same continues to be seen in many states, which is questionable.

The WHO (World Health Organisation), too, has warned authorities against indiscriminate, radical use of Ivermectin in COVID-19 cases, unless they are part of a clinical trial.

There have been no researches which have held Ivermectin to be safe and effective, or render useful in COVId treatment plans. Not only is the antiparasitic drug known to cause some side effects, global clinical studies observed that the drug carried a lack of ‘safety approach’, which made doctors hesitant to dole out the drug.

Some doctors also believe that to treat an infection as major as COVID-19, one needs a powerful, stronger dose of a drug like ivermectin, which still may show limited help and falls out of the regulatory limits and may induce toxicity. Hence, ivermectin use has been largely curtailed and shows little to no effect in stopping the growth of viral cells or reducing severity.

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