Saltpetre launches new product categories made from fabric waste

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Clothing brand Saltpetre has launched a range of new products made from fabric offcuts to reduce waste in its production cycle. The brand is also expanding its personal care line and launched a loungewear collection. 

Saltpetre is exploring uses for its textile waste

The Bengaluru-based business is looking for innovative ways to reduce textile waste, one of the earth’s major pollutants, it announced on Facebook. After recently responding to consumer trends and launching an organic loungewear line, the brand has created homeware items from the collection’s unused fabric scraps. 
“Up-cycling post production ‘waste’ has been a long journey of squirrelling away ‘Chindi’ during production, patching up fabric pieces together to create workable length and finally creating simple modern products of everyday functional value,” the brand announced on Facebook. 

New products made from production waste include scent pouches filled with potpourri and stuffed animals toys. The brand has created three character, Arlo the dinosaur, Emily the elephant, and Toby the cactus out of its offcuts for a whimsical approach to sustainability. The brand is also showcasing the garments from which the offcuts for the products came so consumers know how their items originate. 
Saltpetre has also launched a range of skincare and soap gift boxes as part of its growing ‘natural beauty’ range. Known for its minimalistic style, the brand has chosen simple, wooden packaging for many of the products. 

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