ICC CEO Geoff Allardice – ‘Back-up plans’ in place if India cannot host T20 World Cup


For now, the ICC plans to ‘go ahead with the event as scheduled’ even as India grapples with a second wave of Covid-19

Geoff Allardice, the interim CEO of the ICC, has said that he expects the upcoming T20 World Cup in India to go ahead as planned, but that the governing body has back-up plans in place should the country not be able to host the tournament.

With only six months remaining before it is scheduled to host the T20 World Cup, India is grappling with a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the country reporting more than 115,000 new cases on April 6 alone.

“Yes, we have [back-up plans],” Allardice said in an interaction with select media agencies on Wednesday. “But at this stage we haven’t activated those plans, because we are preparing to go ahead with the event in India as scheduled.

“We’re working with the BCCI and different elements of that event at the moment, but we do have back-up plans that can be activated when the time’s right.”

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