Coronavirus Breathing Exercises: 5 breathing exercises COVID+ patients can do to boost oxygen supply

Written by eveningindia

Breathing and lung-strengthening exercises, deep breathing especially can help restore diaphragm function and improve your ability to breathe, which can be obstructed if there’s any inflammation, or fluid build-up in the lungs or air passage. It can also clear out mucus, restore saturation levels and cope with the infection better.

Clinical studies have also observed that for COVID patients, certain breathing techniques like pursed lip breathing can help reduce shortness of breath and reduce complications considerably.

Apart from this, deep breathing can also help alleviate stress and anxiety levels for a patient in the midst of a recovery and heal faster. Doctors now actively recommend COVID+ patients to perform yoga asanas, deep breathing exercises to promote oxygenation, strengthen lung function and be easily done by a patient under home isolation. Even at times when external oxygen support resources may be running scarce, these breathing exercises may provide temporary relief and boost oxygen levels.

Remember, while these exercises may not help you fight the virus directly, but it could make your recovery a lot more easy:

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