Goa authorities shut all non-essential shops

Goa’s chief minister Pramod Sawant announced new Covid-19 restrictions for the state on May 4 and temporarily closed all ‘non-essential’ stores including fashion and lifestyle outlets.

Goa’s new restrictions see non-essential stores shut – Photo: Pexels

“Considering the sentiment of the people of the state and increase in Covid cases, shops selling non-essential will not be allowed to operate,” said Sawant on Tuesday, TNN reported. “Only those selling essentials will be allowed to stay open.”

The restrictions are currently in place until May 10, but could be reviewed and extended.

In addition to the closure of non-essential stores, restaurants are only permitted to offer takeaway services. However, Sawant said that a municipal-level lockdown in Goa is not necessary and instructed all to follow the state government’s restriction orders and continue to allow people to go to work. 
“Looking at all the conditions, when we say lockdown, all essential services should be allowed to operate,” said Sawant. “If these people stop essential services, then they will create panic among people. I urged all municipalities and panchayats to keep essential services open.”
As of Wednesday morning, Goa has reported over 98,000 Covid-19 cases out of India’s country-wide total of 20.3 million. Goa has reported 1,320 Covid-19 fatalities and 70,929 recoveries. 

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