Big Bazaar plans to double online sales contribution to total revenue

Multi-brand retailer Big Bazaar expects to see its online sales’ contribution to its total revenue  double in a month’s time. 

Big Bazaar expects its online sales to keep rising amid the pandemic and its new express delivery service – Big Bazaar – Facebook

Once again, Big Bazaar is seeing its online sales rise in relation to offline sales as shoppers in many areas purchase goods online during the new wave of local lockdowns. The business’ online sales in certain markets currently make up 40% of its total sales and the percentage is swiftly rising, the Press Trust of India reported. 
Big Bazaar aims to reach one lakh online orders per day, ET Bureau reported. The business first began to take orders online after the pandemic began to sweep India in 2020. 

“Home delivery service has surely picked up,” said Pawan Sarda, Future Group’s CMO for digital, e-commerce, and marketing, the Press Trust of India reported. “In metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, 10% to 15% [of] business is coming from home delivery and it’s growing.” 
Another factor which has increased online sales is Big Bazaar’s new express delivery service which brought it into the ‘two-hour express home delivery service’ segment of the online market. The business has now extended the two-hour delivery service to 150 Indian cities. The service recently launched along with a ‘click-to-home’ shopping festival and a ‘home delivery sale’ online. 

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