Coronavirus symptoms: Signs and symptoms that COVID-19 is impacting your lungs

The extent of the damage caused by the newer variants- double mutant, or the newly found triple mutant strain is also fueling severe infections. Even for those testing negative with symptoms, CT and chest scans are revealing startling findings. According to doctors, in comparison to the first wave of the pandemic, infections are now turning bad from mild quickly, and in many cases, diseased lung progression is seen from day 2 or 3 onwards, implying that without proper attention, cases could quickly turn bad and require hospitalization. What’s also being seen right now is that pulmonary complications are being majorly seen in younger patients, below 45 years of age reporting early infections. The most critical dangers could also flag off when the virus starts to cause pulmonary and respiratory damage…

Therefore, it’s crucial, doctors feel that COVID+ patients do not take symptoms lightly and begin tracking changes early on. Here are some signs and symptoms to be acutely careful of if you are infected right now, as per a previous study published by John Hopkins Medicine study:

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