Haryana, Karnataka, Goa authorities impose new restrictions on retail

As Covid-19’s second wave sweeps India, states are announcing new retail restrictions in a bid to curb the virus’ spread. Haryana, Karnataka, and Goa have all restricted retail operations to varying degrees. 

State governments are restricting retail operations to curb the second wave of coronavirus

“All shops will remain closed from 6 pm onward in Haryana from tomorrow, all non-essential gatherings are banned, anybody holding any function within prescribed limit will have to seek permission from concerned Sub Divisional Magistrate,” Haryana’s state Home and Health Minister Anil Vij tweeted on Thursday as the state announced its highest Covid-19 infection spike to date. 
Closing shops at 6pm cuts retail hours for businesses which affects their revenue. There have also been arguments made that limiting opening hours is in fact more dangerous as it causes crowds. 

Goa’s local authorities have taken a similar approach to retail, opting for a temporary night curfew over a local lockdown. The state reported its highest infection rates to date on Wednesday but authorities urged residents to remain calm. 
“There will be no lockdown imposed, even later, and no assumptions should be made about this,” said Goa’s chief minister Pramod Sawant said in a statement on Wednesday, TNN reported. “People should not panic and start hoarding. Grocery stores and malls will all be open. The night curfew has been imposed only for a short period of time.” The situation in the state will be reviewed after April 30.
Karnataka’s local government made an announcement on Wednesday to order non-essential shops to remain shut until May 4. Store closures led to “chaos” in local markets on Thursday, the Press Trust of India reported, which also drew backlash from traders. The Karnataka government has also announced a night curfew from 9pm to 6am on week days and a weekend curfew until May 4.

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