BRFL textiles pioneers water-free fabric dyeing with new sulphur dyeing process

BRFL Textiles has launched a new water-free, sulphur textile dyeing process and has increased efficiency at its reverse osmosis unit from 50% to 90% to achieve a recycling capacity of 7.2 million litres of water per day. 

BRFL Textiles Private Limited’s plant at Tarapur – BRFL Textiles Private Limited- Facebook

BRFL Textiles Private Limited’s new continuous textile dyeing method has enabled it to eradicate water from its process, the business announced in a press release on April 15. The company, which operates India’s largest single-roof ‘state-of-the-art’ fabric processing facility, announced that it is the first business in the textile sector to use this technology. 
The business’ energy co-generation design reuses 48 tonnes of steam per hour which enables it to save 250 tonnes of coal per day and significantly reduce its carbon footprint, according to its press release. Its plant in Tarapur aims to increase its recycling level to 90% in the next three months and is continuing to reduce the amount of salt used in the textile dyeing process to avoid increasing the TDS content of water.

“At BTPL, we are committed to adopt a sustainable approach across our company, and we will continue to accelerate the sustainability drive as we expand our output and market presence,” said the business’ managing director Prashant Agrawal in a press release. “Today, greenhouse gas emission and scarcity of potable water represent a substantial sustainability challenge across the world. We are proud to combat both these areas through our state of the art processes that set new sustainability benchmarks across the global textile industry and enable a more sustainable future for our vast global customer base. We are also hopeful that the Indian textile industry strengthens its focus on the need for sustainability in the sector and encourages and supports companies in the sector to innovate and adopt sustainable practices across operations.”
The business manufacturers textiles including linen and cotton as well as a blended polyester fabric made from recycled polyester. The business operates in both the business-to-business and business-to-customer spaces and works with over 100 distributors and 8,000 retailers. 

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