Detoxie launches as anti-stress, anti-pollution hair and skincare brand

Entrepreneur Robin Chopra has launched anti-stress, anti-pollution skincare brand ‘Detoxie’ with a dedicated e-commerce store with the aim of promoting clean beauty products designed for city life.

One of Detoxie’s first products – Detoxie

Detoxie has launched a range of products online designed to negate the effects of pollution on the skin and scalp, it announced in a press release. The brand’s range of products includes face serums, face-packs, oils, and creams and hair shampoo, masks, and tonics. 
“The inspiration was very real,” said Chopra about his inspiration for launching the brand. “It was a casual party with a few friends where the talk was as usual about how we can make India better and what all we can change. Suddenly out of the blue a friend yelled ‘I don’t know anything else but the water in my shower needs to change, it’s hard and I don’t like what it does to my hair’- That’s just when it struck me that something needed to change in the skincare business- it needed to be more real, that addresses the actual problems at hand and not just have superficial claims. The idea of Detoxie was just born.”

Detoxie’s products are either FDA or AYUSH certified and dermatologically tested where required, according to its press release. Products are designed to be, “as close to nature as possible,” the brand said. Ingredients are cruelty free and include soy proteins, Japanese matcha, and vegetarian Keratins among others.
The brand has also launched a new initiative to donate 1% of all revenue to the Indian Army, currently via the Bharat Ke Veer Foundation. The move is designed to add a charitable dimension to the business. 

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