Would you spend INR 59, 516 in buying a designer apron?

With the world under yet another lockdown, it seems designer duo Lucie and Luke Meier from Jil Sander want people to invest in a designer apron while cooking up a storm in their kitchen. But mind you, these aprons are not run-of-the-mill, they are high fashion, and you will have to shell out Rs 58, 516 to buy one.

The luxury label is known for its minimalist attire and it now wants to make the chefs look stylish in its apron which is made of 100 % cotton.

The aprons are in A-shape throw overs and have cheeky one-liners written on them. They have gold-tone metal studs detailing on either side of the apron to hold the neck strap in place they have eyelets on the collar. It of course comes in an adjustable fit. It has one-liners like “The Sun Always Rises” and “Never Fade Away” written in front.

The husband-wife-duo behind Jil Sander has been redefining the rules of minimalism with their past collections and bringing out newer ways of dressing up in a new era that we all are stepping into.

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