Newer symptoms of COVID infection identified

According to a study carried out in China, pink eyes or conjunctivitis can also be a sign of COVID-19 infection. This may lead to redness, swelling and watering of the eyes. In the study, it was found that of all the participants, 12 of those who were infected with the new strain of virus showed the symptoms of conjunctivitis, which is also known as pink-eye. Out of 12, eleven people with signs of conjunctivitis were tested positive for COVID-19 through a nose swab and of these, two were tested positive through both nose and eye swabs.

The only possible explanation that could establish the relation between COVID-19 and the eyes so far has been that eyes could lead to transmission of the virus in the lungs. The scientists explained that the virus could be passed on to the body through the ocular mucous membrane present in the eyes. More research is needed in this area to know if the virus can affect the vision.

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