Micro review: ‘The Cursed Inheritance’ by Sutapa Basu

Sutapa Basu, a TOI Write India winner and AutHer Award for Best Fiction 2020 winner, released her seventh book ‘The Cursed Inheritance’ in February 2021. After penning short stories, psychological thriller, mytho-fiction and historical fiction, this time Sutapa has ventured into the arena of thrillers.

‘The Cursed Inheritance’ follows a young protagonist Anahita Sarkar, who has always lived in London. After losing her father, Anahita discovers that she and her brother Robin have inherited their family’s palatial mansion in Kolkata which they have never seen before. Anahita travels to Kolkata, in order to sell off the family property but she soon realises that the house has its own dark secrets from the past. The more she tries to find out, the further she is intrigued to know the family’s cursed past which puts her family’s reputation and her own values at stake.

The book is not your regular whodunnit. Instead, a touch of the supernatural element in a spooky mansion makes it an exciting read. Sutapa’s polished writing paired with an absorbing plot makes ‘The Cursed Inheritance’ a quick read that’s perfect for weekends.

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