Explained: Why are people testing positive even after receiving Coronavirus vaccine?

Written by eveningindia

Here are some of the many reasons why vaccinated people are testing positive for the virus.

– They are not following the precautionary measures such as wearing masks in public, sanitizing hands, maintaining social distancing and ignoring the other safety protocols as advised by the health ministry

– Not following the after vaccination rules as told by the doctors

– Not getting the second dose on time or not getting the second dose at all

– Barrier in immunity

As per the experts, vaccination doesn’t mean the end of the virus. Vaccination solely guards your body against the dangerous effects of the virus. The infection can occur at any time, vaccination just helps in warding off the serious issues that it might trigger. People who have been vaccinated also need to abide by all safety measures to prevent contracting the virus. These people can even transmit the virus to others.

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