Coronavirus: 4 conditions that cause maximum COVID hospitalizations, according to studies

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Diabetes is one of the biggest comorbidities attached with a high COVID-19 risk. While there are emerging reports which suggest that a fight with COVID could disturb glucose levels and trigger diabetes in people, uncontrolled diabetes puts people at severely high risk for COVID hospitalization and scales up mortality risk as well. It has also been observed that people suffering from diabetes have an exceptionally higher risk of developing stranger COVID symptoms, such as COVID toes, skin inflammation.

Another study, done by King’s College, London, found that patients who suffer from ‘diabetes retinopathy’, which is marked by damage to the blood vessels around the eyes is a common complication with Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes are also five times more likely to be administrated ventilator support.

Since diabetes is also an immuno-suppressant condition, patients are right now, the most vulnerable to the dangers. People with high or unmanaged blood sugar levels have less than normal blood flow, which makes it difficult for the body to harness nutrients, natural defences meant to protect the body against several infections and promote healing. It can also take a little longer than usual for people with diabetes to recover as well. It can also invite other diseases and make it harder to fight off a germ as lethal as COVID-19.

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