Hottest natural diamond trends of this season

Natural diamonds have captured our heart for centuries. And why wouldn’t they? They’re rare, miraculous, and one of a kind. The most resilient substance on the face of the earth is also the most mesmerizing, the most beautiful. Diamond jewellery and fashion have always been hand in glove. From bold, statement jewels to dainty, elegant pieces, diamonds have never gotten out of vogue. Styles may change with the season, but the fashion industry’s love affair with diamond jewellery remains unchanged.

For the aspirational buyer on the journey of discovering their own sense of style, we have curated a list of the hottest diamond trends of this season:

Statement cuffs
A gem-encrusted statement cuff adds just the right amount of sparkle to your outfit. A popular choice of jewellery in several civilisations from ancient Greeks to Chinese, the statement cuff is making a big comeback this season. Worn as a statement solo piece of jewellery on one hand or as a pair worn on both hands, this mega-versatile piece of jewellery exudes an almost armour-like charm. It complements all kinds of ensembles- ethnic, modern, or fusion.

Shoulder-grazing earrings
Shoulder grazing natural diamond earrings hold the power to bring your entire look together and make for the perfect luxury investment. This year, the classic danglers dripping with diamonds, framing the face, and letting their presence known are making a grand comeback. Extravagant, shoulder-grazing earrings pair perfectly with off-shoulder outfits with your hair up in a romantic, messy bun. This is often the only piece of jewellery you need to complete your look. Remember, when it comes to earrings, the longer, flashier, bolder, the better.

Geometric jewels
When geometry meets jewellery, it weaves magic. There is a reason why hoop earrings have stood the test of time! When used correctly, basic elements like lines, triangles, squares, and ovals can create striking pieces of jewellery that can be paired very well with bold modern ensembles and traditional, ethnic looks. New-age jewellery designers are embracing this trend wholeheartedly and are elevating simple forms to ethereal heights.

Gender fluid jewels
While jewellery for men is not a new concept for us Indians, perceived notions of masculinity shoved them to the back seat for a little while. The new era has ushered in a renewed zeal for gender fluid jewels, and we are here for it. Our collective attitudes towards gender and gender-defined norms are witnessing a fundamental shift. This shift is reflected in the season’s biggest trends, with androgynous styles and gender-fluid jewellery taking the ramp by storm. Trendsetting Bollywood and Hollywood A-listers are choosing natural diamonds and gemstones to adorn their looks, giving rise to gender-fluid jewels that refuse to fit in the predefined gender norms. We’re talking brooches, chunky finger rings, sautoirs, and ear studs. Get ready to witness a revolution

this season.

New Heirloom
Think of your great grandmother’s natural diamond solitaire ring or your grandmother’s wedding necklace. Every piece of jewellery handed down by our previous generations holds within itself treasured memories and stories from the past. But if your sense of style does not identify with the yesteryear designs, invest in some new heirloom jewellery. New heirloom jewels are inimitable investment pieces that are stylish and personify glamorous grandiose.

Natural diamonds are the epitome of versatility and effortless luxury. Pair them with the simplest of your outfits, and they will instantly elevate your look. Ethically sourced natural diamonds are an integral part of slow fashion. Explore the awe-inspiring world of natural diamonds and add some rare and precious pieces of jewellery to your collection. Afterall, owning a natural diamond is like owning a piece of history that is billions of years old.

With inputs from Natural Diamond Council

Disclaimer: Content Produced by The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council

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