Coronavirus: How dangerous is the double coronavirus mutation?

Written by eveningindia

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented crisis for India and the world for over a year now. Even now, with the arrival of vaccines, our fight hasn’t ended. Newer mutations and variants of the virus are adding to our problems.

Now, after the discovery of the Kent variant and South African virus variants, there’s another mutant strain sparking off red flags. According to recent reports, a new ‘double mutant variant’ of COVID-19 causing SARS-COV-2 has been detected in India, in addition to other variants observed in as many as 18 states across India.

The news comes at a time when India faces the threat of a high repeat caseload of the infection and many states are on the brink of imposing fresher lockdowns. From what is being speculated, the same double mutant variations may be responsible for the spike.

Many experts also fear that the alarming spread of the newer mutant strains could also make India’s second wave of infection worse than the first one, even as authorities step up guard to vaccinate India’s millions’ at-risk population. Here’s an explainer on the same

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