Gaming hardware maker Razer is about to launch RGB face masks

Written by eveningindia

MUMBAI: Gaming hardware maker Razer is making face masks with RGB lighting and voice projection features. The masks, which have active disc-type ventilators will be transparent, which allows others to see your entire face while you talk, allowing them to read facial cues through the transparent design.

The company revealed the project back in January, calling it Project Hazel. The company had unveiled the masks at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this year. Razer has donated over a million masks since April last year and decided to go ahead and make a mask of its own instead. The masks will have N95 classification, which scientists have said are the most effective in the post-pandemic new normal. The company says the ventilation system offers 95% airborne particles and releases heat produced from exhaling, which is meant to avoid fogging.

Razer chief executive officer Min-Liang Tan told Yahoo Finance that the masks were in a “high end concept” stage so far, but the company is “fully invested” in them now.

Other than the transparent design and ventilators, the masks will have built-in microphones, which will amplify the user’s voice as they speak. The company calls it “Voice AMP” technology and is patent pending right now. The Chroma RGB lighting will be around the ventilators, which gives it a unique look. The masks are also scratch resistant and waterproof, meaning you won’t have to worry about damage if you’re out in the rain etc. They also have adjustable ear loops to make them more comfortable.

But all this means the mask is powered by a battery, and Razer has designed a charging case to keep it running. The company says this case is lined with an ultra-violet interior, which will kill bacteria as the mask charges.

“Project Hazel is our answer to what the world’s smartest mask can be,” said Charlie Bolton, director of Design at Razer, in the promo video for the mask.

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